Other Services


This sector consists of workplaces whose primary activities are not classified under any other sector.  This includes, but is not limited to, workplaces in:

  • arts, entertainment, cultural  and recreation
  • professional, scientific and/or technical services
  • food, beverage and accommodation services
  • real estate, rental and leasing
  • religious services
  • management of enterprises and administrative and support
  • waste management and remediation services
  • industries in the repair and maintenance of finished products
  • miscellaneous services.

To satisfy your obligation under section 90 of the Labour Relations Act, collective agreements can be submitted to cbis@ontario.ca.

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721-28594-24 (875-0140)Sheraton CentreUNITE HERE Local 752/1/20227/31/2024
721-84988-23Easton's Hospitality Inc. o/a Towneplace Suites by MarriottUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1755/1/20184/30/2023
721-89410-25Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing Inc.United Food and Commercial Workers Canada Local 1006A11/18/202211/17/2025
722-5723-23 (875-0721)Compass Group Canada (Beaver) Ltd.United Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1755/1/20204/30/2023
721-85853-231586467 Ontario Limited operating as Residence InnUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1006A3/3/20193/2/2023
561-88522-25Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions LPUnited Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, Local 7874/1/20213/31/2025
561-33483-24 (897-0291)Bee-Clean Building MaintenanceLIUNA Local 1831/1/202212/31/2024
561-2638-25 (897-0554)Bee-Clean Building MaintenanceLIUNA Local 1834/1/20223/31/2025
561-85255-24GDI Services (Canada) LPLIUNA Local 18310/1/20229/30/2024
561-89644-24TBM Service Group Inc.Service Employees International Union, Local 21/1/202212/31/2024
711-336-25 (859-0102)Corporation Of Massey Hall And Roy Thomson HallInternational Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees And Moving Picture Machine Operators Of The United States And Canada, Local 586/1/20225/31/2025
711-26353-21 (859-0022)Woodbine Entertainment GroupUNITE HERE, Local 751/1/201912/31/2021
712-12897-23 (807-0034)Royal Botanical GardensCanadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 51671/16/20201/15/2023
712-10709-22 (807-0048)Royal Ontario MuseumOntario Public Service Employees Union on behalf of its Local 5434/1/20193/31/2022
712-21350-26 (807-0104)Board Of Management Of The Toronto ZooCanadian Union of Public Employees Local Union No. 16004/1/20213/31/2026
813-8132-24 (891-0294)Elementary Teachers Federation Of OntarioThe Etfo Staff Association1/1/202112/31/2024
813-92322-25Elementary Teachers' Federation of OntarioService Employees International Union Local 27/1/20226/30/2025
812-34936-21 (879-0012)Mount Pleasant Group Of CemeteriesUnifor and its Local 16436/26/20176/25/2021
812-4594-26 (517-0019)Toronto Parking AuthorityToronto Civic Employees Union, Local 416 (CUPE)4/1/20213/31/2026
813-17301-23 (891-0219)Ottawa-Carleton Public Employees' Union Local 503, C.U.P.E.Union Of Labour Representatives of Ontario1/1/202112/31/2023
531-3626-24 (737-0079)York Condominium Corporation No. 289L.I.U.N.A. Local 1836/1/20215/31/2024
531-26503-25 (737-0233)Cadillac Fairview Corporation LimitedLIUNA Local 1836/1/20225/31/2025
531-35288-22 (737-0033)Peel Condominium Corporation No. 191LIUNA Local 1831/1/202012/31/2022
531-905-22 (737-0212)York Condominium Corporation No. 60United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, Local 52961/1/202012/31/2022
531-39360-24 (737-0236)Ottawa Community Housing CorporationCanadian Union Of Public Employees (Ottawa-Carleton Public Employees Unions) Local 5031/1/202212/31/2024
541-89556-23AECOM Canada Ltd.Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 30008/31/20203/31/2023
541-88439-24Broadbent InstituteUnited Food and Commercial Workers Canada Local 1006A6/2/20217/1/2024
541-226-22 (897-0608)Team Industrial Services (Brampton GSO)Unifor and its Local 128511/23/202011/22/2022
541-12513-22 (897-0586)Team Industrial ServicesUnifor and its Local 128511/23/202011/22/2022
541-13457-22 (897-0405)Team Industrial Services (Windsor GSO)Unifor and its Local 19511/23/202011/22/2022