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The advanced search feature provides you with a refined search capability.  There are a number of ways that you can utilize advanced search:

Document Properties Search

  1. Searching by Employer and/or Union Name
  2. Searching by Award Issue Date
  3. Searching by a Combination of Terms - Most Accurate Results
  4. Searching by Nature of Grievance

Document Properties Search

You can perform searches targeted by document properties under the "Search Criteria" section.  You may search based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Employer
  • Union
  • Arbitrator First Name
  • Arbitrator Last Name
  • Award Issue Date
  • Nature of Grievance
  • Industrial Sector Type
  • Labour Legislation
  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Grievance Type

Each search term must be in its own criteria; do not use double quotes for multi-word phrases.

You can add multiple criteria to your search by clicking the green plus symbol.  When searching based on multiple criteria, you also need to specify a combination condition.  This gives you the ability to search for both terms in the document properties (And) or for either term in the document properties (Or).

If you wish to remove criteria before performing your search, you can click the red minus symbol beside the term you wish to remove.

Searching by Employer and/or Union:

Example 1 - Searching by Employer and Union:  This example will return all documents in which the Employer is LRIB Group and the Union name is XYZ Union.  Note that "Equals" looks for the exact term whereas "Contains" indicates that the term can be all or part of the value.

TIP:  The employer or union name associated with a document may slightly differ from your search term.  For example, LRIB Group may be represented as:

  • The LRIB Group
  • LRIB Group Ltd.
  • The LRIB Group Ltd.

To have your search return all the above combinations for the employer name, use the "Contains" operator.

Ex 01 - Multiple Properties Search.PNG 

Searching by Award Issue Date:

You can also search documents by the award issue date or a combination of the two as a date range.

Example 2 - Searching by range of dates:  If you are unsure of the Award Issue Date, you can search within a range of issue dates.  This example will return all documents with an Award Issue Date between March 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018 inclusive.

Ex 02 - Search by Date Range.PNG 

Searching by a Combination of Terms:

You can combine up to 5 search terms to further fine-tune the search results.

Example 3 - Searching by Employer, Union and Award Issue Date Range:  This example will return all documents between LRIB Group and XYZ Union that were issued between March 2016 and June 2018.

Ex 03 - Search by Employer, Union and Expiry Date Range.PNG 

Searching by Nature of Grievance:
When searching by the Nature of Grievance, the "Contains" condition is different from the "Equal" condition.

Example 4 - Searching by the Nature of Grievance - Contains: This example returns all documents that contain the "Harassment/Discrimination" in the "Nature of Grievance" field, including ones with other types of grievances as well.

Ex 04 - Search by Nature of Grievance - Contain

Example 5 - Searching by the Nature of Grievance - Equals: This example returns all documents that contain only the "Harassment/Discrimination" in the "Nature of Grievance" field, excluding the ones with other types of grievances.

Ex 05 - Search by Nature of Grievance - Equals